Bringing back childhood holiday memories of classic fruit machines over the last 40 years.
We offer packages to suit everyone's budget, we offer easy install instructions and can assist with set up via Teamviewer if you are struggling.

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We have hundreds of happy customers already reliving memories.

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FME Total Package

1800+ Fruit Machines spanning 40 years

FME European Package

170+ European Fruit Machines including German, Dutch, Swiss & Czech

FME £100 Package

50+ £100 latest Fruit Machines

FME Club Package

250+ Club Fruit Machines ranging from £50-£1000 Jackpot

FME DOND Package

50+ DOND Fruit Machines

FME 80s Package

250+ Fruit Machines from the 1980s

FME Launchbox / BigBox Package

Over 2000 Fruit Machines

FME Quiz Machine Package

170 over Quiz Machines